The Plant Power Experience

Here's what happened when my friend Dylan and I decided to put on a 4-course plantbased dinner for 100 people to celebrate the diversity and deliciousness of the plant kingdom + the 1st birthday of his podcast...

We CAN transform our health and our planet!


I’m super-inspired by the idea that the single most powerful thing we can do to reduce our carbon emissions and improve our health is to eat more plants more often! As famous food writer Michael Pollan says, “eat food, not too much, mostly plants”. 

Let’s get real - I don’t think every single person in NZ is going to go vegan next week.

What I do hear is that lots of people are keen to make more of their meals plant-based - I mean it’s not rocket science, we all know fruit and vegetables are great, right? It’s just that we haven’t grown up knowing this stuff, and it can be a little challenging to head off into uncharted territory. We also feel much happier trying new things if we can relate to others like us who’ve already gone there. 

There's a whole movement of us LOVING this way of living. We'd love you to join us :)

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