Leaping into the future

Aaron Brunet won Masterchef NZ in 2013 with his creative and wholesome approach to food. He writes a plant-based food column in the NZ Herald Bite magazine and is excited about the future of super-healthy food. As a plant-powered guy, Aaron is one of the new breed of passionate foodies who have embraced eating for wellness and vitality as well as great taste.

No one is going to ditch meat, dairy and junk food just because someone tells them it’s good for them. The alternative has to be tastier, healthier and sexier so we’re super enthused and busting to make the switch. When healthy gets sexy, good things happen :)

Aaron’s epiphany about the endless pros of eating a plant-based diet came in 2015, two years after winning Masterchef NZ. Two years of too much rich food and too much stress left him gasping for breath and looking for a better way. A perfectly timed dose of good information saved the day: reading “The China Study”, listening to Rich Roll read his book “Finding Ultra” and watching “Cowspiracy” gave him the boost to make the quantum leap into a plant-powered lifestyle.

Seeing the groundswell of humanity following this new path gives Aaron faith that people everywhere are starting to recognise that by choosing how we spend our food dollars, we take charge of our wellbeing, send the food industry a potent message and make the biggest difference to our environment. 

When healthy gets sexy, good things happen
— Aaron Brunet