Information for our retreats

What should I bring?

* a reusable water bottle
* comfortable clothes for Yoga and the outdoor ceremony days
* warm layers for the evenings, incl. good socks, a scarf and thick sweater
* light layers for the daytime (it can get pretty hot at this altitude!)
* strong sun screen and sunglasses
* peppermint essential oil can be helpful for altitude headaches
* hat or cap for the sun
* walking / hiking shoes
* flip flops or sandals for the garden
* a reliable waterproof / rain jacket 
* stones, amulets, or other personal objects you’d like to have with you in the ceremonies, and to create our group altar
* a journal + pen
* any extra snacks or supplements you may need 

How should I prepare for working with plant medicine?

To ensure a good connection with San Pedro and to show our willingness, some dietary and behavioral preparation can be very beneficial.

We recommend keeping a clean diet for about two weeks prior to the retreat, especially focusing on it the week before
- fresh, healthy food and plenty of water
- avoid pork, excessive sweets, desserts and fat
- avoid alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs or other plant medicines (including marijuana and CBT products).

It is also beneficial not to release sexually as to keep your vital energy available for use in the healing process.

In the few days before arriving, take care with your use of social media, TV, and the type of input you allow in.

All of this prepares the mind, the organs and subtle body to receive the energetic and physical healing from the plant. 

What is your cancellation / refund policy?

As long as you notify us of your intention to cancel your booking at least 8 weeks ahead of the start of the retreat, we will issue you a refund of your retreat fee minus a US$100 cancellation fee. 

If we are given less than 8 weeks notice of your intention to cancel your booking, we will only be able to offer a refund as above (less a US$100 cancellation fee) if we are able to fill your vacated space. If we cannot fill your space, we will issue a refund of your retreat fee minus a US$500 deposit.